Why Ruhrort?

Ruhrort is to be the first district in the world to become environmentally neutral, but why this particular neighborhood? Ruhrort is a district of Duisburg on the right bank of the Rhine, located directly at the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr rivers.

With its ‘’insularity‘’, as well as its emotional and geographical links to the world's largest inland harbor, the district is spatially well-demarcated and typical of a region shaped by industry. Thanks to its strong local economy and international connections through the port, Ruhrort serves as a pivotal center for shipping and lorry traffic.

With around 5,700 inhabitants, Ruhrort represents a typical cross-section of society and is spatially characterized by a historically evolved and densely urbanized settlement area.

If we succeed in transforming the neighborhood in an environmentally neutral way, we will have an ideal blueprint for urban development that can be transferred nationwide. As such, it paves the way towards a (super)viable social structure and sustainable urbanity.