Community project: Measures and opportunities for participation

Only by working together can Ruhrort develop sustainably and the ambitious Urban Zero project be successfully realized. Hundreds of individual projects are to be carried out - and local citizens and companies are particularly called upon to participate: both in the area of analysis and in the area of reduction and compensation. Participation is the key to success, which is why the Urban Zero project is based on multidimensional participation:

Measures and opportunities to participate

Neighborhood office UMWELT-lokal

Interested Ruhrort residents can obtain information about the project, free and personalized energy consultancy and can also contribute their own suggestions and ideas to the project at UMWELT-lokal.

Wettbewerbe zu Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit

We want to motivate people in Ruhrort and the surrounding area to get engaged with the initiative, the environment and a future worth living. Hundreds of individual projects are to be realized. This can only be done together.

Neighborhood app and online presence

We want to make our initiative accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere, free of charge. People can also determine their own ecological footprint here and thus make a contribution to the project.

Incentive schemes for citizens

We create incentives and opportunities for residents in Ruhrort to benefit from a transformed neighborhood.

Incentive schemes for companies

We create incentives and opportunities for companies in Ruhrort to reduce environmental costs.