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Who is behind Urban Zero?

Initial discussions about the project were initiated in June 2021 between Haniel, a family-owned company based in Ruhrort, and the environmental consultancy GREENZERO. The municipal housing company GEBAG, the port operator duisport as well as Haniel and GREENZERO are involved in the project company founded in August 2022. However, the ambitious project can only succeed as a joint venture: The city of Duisburg and its municipal organisations, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and numerous well-known companies, organisations and scientific institutions have already been enlisted as partners. The project company is looking for further partners and investors, and the involvement of the citizens themselves is particularly crucial to the success of the project.

Objectives of the project partnership

The mission of the project partnership is to turn Ruhrort into an environmentally neutral district by 2029 - together with partners, service providers and citizens. The partnership manages the project and the contracted service providers, and supports and coordinates all those involved. Other areas of responsibility include the provision of consultancy services, project implementation and marketing services as well as the organisation of events in the field of urban sustainability. 

The initial investment capital is provided by the project company and its shareholders. It is important that private supporters and investors are also acquired. Depending on the funding volume, smaller and larger sub-projects can be refinanced in this way.

„Urban Zero is a pilot project with enormous appeal, and I am looking forward to supporting this project. As a municipal housing company, we have the necessary expertise to help shape the transformation process of Duisburg-Ruhrort in a sustainable way. We know the neighborhood and can provide optimal support in making life more sustainable and comfortable.“ – Bernd Wortmeyer, Geschäftsführer GEBAG


Strong partners are needed to realize the transformation of Ruhrort to environmental neutrality by 2029. The project partnership was founded by GEBAG, Haniel, GREENZERO and duisport.

Partners & sponsors

The network includes initiators and partners from the fields of urban development, environmental technology & ecology, education & participation as well as economics and science.

Becoming a partner

Urban Zero is dependent on the collaboration of partners and sponsors to achieve Ruhrort's transition to environmental neutrality by 2029. If you are interested in supporting us, get in touch!

Joining the initiative

Are you from Ruhrort and eager to participate? Do you wish to contribute to the goal of environmental neutrality? Register today and discover how you can make a positive impact and improve your surroundings.